Commonly known already, Canter and Fighter are very popular truck model in Japan. Both are produced by MItsubishi Fuso, and there are few differences to mention.
  Canter is designed to be compact, not very large. On the other hand, FIghter is designed to contain maximum capacity. That’s the basic difference, but most of you might want to know more detailed comparison between these 2. So, I analyzed both 2 trucks very very carefully.
 One thing I firstly digged in was their marketing strategy. As of Canter, Mitsubishi did not hire any celebrities for its marketing. The only spotlight it got was in the TV series, called “Kinpachi Sensei 3-B” in the scene of Kinpachi Sensei moving his house. Converesely, Mitubishi focused its power to FIghter on the marketing. In 1991, they hired Ken Takakura and Aki Yashiro in TV commercial by contributing their song called “Banka”. And in 1998, Norika Fujiwara was hired, again in its TV commercial.
  That was a brief comparison on Canter and Fighter truck in marketing respect. I hope you had some fun time from it.