The aim of the new Canter to be the eighth generation is clear. Its being proud of high environmental performance, and relief, security being able to operate anyone, and there being few burdens on economic aspect and maintenance. It is the highest power train to have been equipped to achieve such an aim.
The 3L diesel engine becoming the new development is equipped with processor "Blue TEC system" after the exhaust that is adopted in Mercedes-Benz E350 Blue TEC. I clear post-newly long-term exhaust emission regulation for a light truck for the first time, and all cars in this way adapt to 75% of eco-car reductions of taxes again. There are the lightweighting of up to 90 kg, the deployment (option) of the idling stop function, too, and the practical use mileage is good, too.
It will be that the sixth-speed dual clutch type transmission "DUONIC" is set to all cars to pay attention one more. Not only it is 2 pedals, and an easy drive like the AT is possible, but also, as for the dual clutch type characterized by the shifting without omission of a shock and the driving force, adoption is increasing rapidly in a car. A new Canter becomes the first adoption by the truck. "ECO mode" executing a shifting program given priority to the mileage is equipped with and is the place where I am glad of the expense reduction effect by the maintenance-free performance not to premise clutch exchange.

Japanese Used Truck Mitsubishi Canter